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No 1 Simply Property Management
No 1 Simply Property Management
No 1 Simply Property Management

Property Management for Condos in Canada

  • Family-owned-and-operated.
  • Many years of experience with all aspects of condominium management.
  • Professional, knowledgeable property managers.
  • Full support provided to onsite staff.
  • Monthly detailed financial statements prepared by our office.
  • Pre-authorized payment system is available for owners.
  • Contractors with many years of experience in the industry.
  • Monthly Board Meetings.
  • G.I.C. investments to your condo when approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Regular communication with owners to keep them updated.
  • All concerns are carried out promptly.
  • Daily or weekly site visits depending on your condominium needs.
  • Yearly inspections with Board members for preventative maintenance.
  • Many ways to contact your manager or our office e-mail, cell phone, office or web site.
  • No hidden extras in our fees.
  • Condominium act and your condo rules, enforcement provided in a friendly manner.
  • We make sure all contractors are insured and carry health/safety and WHIMIS certificates.
  • All owner's information meetings conducted as requested.
  • Residents are treated with the utmost respect and courtesy at all times.
  • Our job is to advise and guide the Board in their decision making and then carry out those decisions efficiently and effectively.
  • 24-hour contact for all emergencies.
No 1 Simply Property Management

Condominium Specialists

We provide introduction packages & services for your condominium corporation.

The Professional Difference Specializing in Condominium Highrise & Townhomes

Why No.1 Simply Property Management is Your Number One Choice!

  • At No.1 Simply Property Management, we are pleased to provide your corporation with a quote and advise you of the professional property management services we offer to property owners. Thank you for taking the time to review our introductory letter sent to you and allow us this opportunity.
  • We offer complete financial and property management services. Our goal is to help you exceed your aim in creating a vibrant (condominium) community. We are pleased to present our quotation to your board based upon our various ranges of services for your consideration.
  • Our reputation has been built by providing a consistently high level of service for the past several years. All our clients are equally treated here.
No 1 Simply Property Management

Management Properties

Your manager will be responsible for all the day to day operations of your condominium needs.

  • Financial statements and bank statements.
  • Arrears of common expense fees: Report all significant arrears.
  • Repairs and maintenance: Common area repairs.
  • Correspondence from residents & owners.
  • Changes in ownership if any: No recent changes were reported to Management.
  • New Business.

Solution Solving

At No.1 Simply Property Management Ltd. Our goal is to treat each and every customer with the utmost respect.

No 1 Simply Property Management

Great Customer Service Solution Solving

Let's put problem-solving into perspective. It is not the customer's problem. It is not the service person's problem; it is our problem to be solved together collaboratively. To do this most effectively means first being sure the problem is fully understood. Study it carefully; consider the options ask the customer what solution makes sense to them.

Speed is of the essence. But so is getting it right; maybe a compromise is involved but rest assured there is a solution out there that is worth striving for. As long as a problem is not solved to the customer's satisfaction, it remains a problem.