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Why choose No.1 Simply Property Management? One word............ Experience!

There is no substitute for experience. Our extensive history of satisfied clients speaks for itself. We understand that each client has specific objectives and that no one solution works for every corporation. Our individualized approach ensures that we meet your performance expectations. At No.1 Simply Property Management, our mandate is to determine each client's individual needs, managing each condominium corporation with the utmost care and attention to detail. The success of your corporation is also a reflection of our company. Your trust in our experience will ensure that we enhance value and reduce your expenses.

Our professional property managers and staff pride themselves on ensuring you receive value-added property management services that will maximize the value. Should you require any information about your reports, our staff will do their best to answer all your concerns.

Our entire team brings years of condominium management experience to your Condominium Corporation and property. Our managers are fully trained and have a proven track record of success. This is how we can stand behind our claim of managing your corporation without increasing the costs and providing competitive and in some cases, reduced rates.

  • 1 Great Customer Service Solution Solving.
  • 2 Let's put problem-solving into perspective it is not the customer's problem. It is not the service person's problem; it is our problem to be solved together collaboratively.
  • 3 To do this most effectively means first being sure the problem is fully understood. Study it carefully; consider the options ask the customer what solution makes sense to them.
  • 4 Speed is of the essence. But so is getting it right. Maybe compromise is involved but rest assured there is a solution out there that is worth striving for.
  • 5 As long as a problem is not solved to the customer's satisfaction it remains a problem

We currently service and have clients through-out the Greater Toronto Area and Durham Region. Put our decades of experience to work for your corporation today!!

Commercial Properties

At No.1 Simply Property Management, our team of professionals pride a wide range of specialized services dedicated to the Condominium Corporation Management industry. No. 1 Simply Property Management is a full-service property management organization providing administrative services/guidance, physical and financial expertise to Condominium Corporations.

If you are tired of empty promises and not receiving full value for your management dollars or are Simply looking for a change in management, we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss and review with you how we can make a difference to your bottom line.

  • 1 Open Tenders and Bid Solicitations are made to ensure qualified vendors are chosen and to guarantee cost-effective services are provided.
  • 2 Annual consumption histories and reviews for all utilities to uncover potential issues and to manage usage trends.
  • 3 Emergency after-hours call - availability 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • 4 Regular review of contract services and annual costs such as insurance and audit.
  • 5 Fully Documented Property site inspections and audits.
  • 6 Screening and Evaluation of contractors and contract services.
  • 7 Manage, Schedule, and over-see onsite maintenance.
  • 8 Monitor and Investigation other energy initiatives through the local utilities and services.
  • 9 Keep board advised of any major problems or potential trends in maintenance service requests as they occur.

Knowledge, Expertise, and working as a team will ensure your expectations are achieved!!

No1. Simply Property Management is not just another 9-5 management company. Our team is on-hand to provide 24-hour emergency service to your homeowners and condominium board.

Below are some of the property management expertise and services we provide as part of our standard management agreement. Our individualized review of your specific needs may include more personalized services not listed below:

  • Physical Property Management Services.
  • State of the art Property Security Solutions including access controls.
  • Financial and Accounting Services.
  • Administration and Executive Services.
  • Dedicated Support for residents and Board Members.
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